Imagine Brazil Opened Its Gates for Registration

Imagine Brazil Opened Its Gates for Registration

10August 2019

The most welcoming competition dedicated to young musicians opened its gates in Brazil for the fifth time. If you want to be part of this music & youth celebration, you have to know that registration started on August 5 and that the gates will be open for submission until September 6.

Who can apply?

Do we have to mention that youngsters are more than welcome to apply? The age span is 13 to 21 years old, so mainly teenagers and young adults. We welcome both soloists and groups, with the mention that bands should be up to 8 people. Another rule is that the participants should be residing in the State of São Paulo.

Are you a jazz band? Ok. Maybe a pop star? Just join! A rock icon or a classical musician? When it comes to the music genre, we have no rule. Why? It is easy. Imagine was created by Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the world’s largest youth music NGO, for youngsters who love music. The experience is all about creating a community of music lovers and celebrating together.

Imagine Brazil stages

Registering for Imagine Brazil is easy. You have to fill the online form right here http://br.imaginefestival.net/ and submit an MP3 media. An internal committee will make the pre-selection. After that, up to 30 groups or artists will be considered to compete live in the semifinals, which will take place in November. Where? In the cities of Lençóis Paulista, Caraguatatuba and São José do Rio Preto. Each semifinal will rank three finalists. Eventually, the nine selected groups/individuals at the regional semifinals will participate at the Imagine Brazil semifinal, which will take place in the city of São Paulo, on December 7. Then and there, the winner and representative of Imagine Brazil will be decided.

The Imagine Brazil winner gets a place in the international final and preparatory workshop that will help prepare for the next year’s competition in Europe with all expenses paid.

About the organizers of Imagine Brazil

Imagine is organized in Brazil by the Amigos do Guri Social Culture Organization – the educational centre’s manager of Projeto Guri, the most extensive Brazilian socio-cultural program maintained by the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the São Paulo State Government. To quote Deborah Lobo, Project Guri Project Special Manager: “One of the main features of the festival is the plurality of styles”. We could not agree more – Imagine welcomes youngsters passionate about music, no matter the genre.

Friends of Guri Executive Director Alessandra Costa comments on the opportunity: “Imagine Brazil comes to the fifth edition as a unique opportunity for young people in the state of São Paulo. The event promotes a rich exchange of experiences with artists from different backgrounds and styles who wish to enter the professional world of music. We believe the recognition of the festival should inspire the enrollment of many young people.”

Past Imagine Brazil winners

Current champion, the Rock, Blues and Soul band Entalpia, sends an online message to all the potential participants and music lovers around Brazil: “Imagine is a huge encounter of a multitude of musical genres and youngsters, where you can learn a lot by interacting with the others.“

Come join us, they say, with arms wide open and full of joy!

Among other past Imagine Brazil Champions we remember Sephion, the champion of the first edition (2015), the Brazilian Soul Trio – they now go by the name Brazilian Portrait Trio (2016) and Arthur Endo (2017).

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