WHYBE, the Dutch Finalist of Imagine 2018, Releases New Video and It’s a Must-Watch

WHYBE, the Dutch Finalist of Imagine 2018, Releases New Video and It’s a Must-Watch

11August 2019

We love tracking down our finalists to see and hear the way they developed over time. When it comes to Imagine, our contestants enjoy not only a mere competition but an unforgettable experience. And this is exactly what we wanted to offer our finalists in 2018, when WHYBE was on stage as a representative of The Netherlands.

Who is WHYBE?

Who else could better describe WHYBE than himself? So, this is why we professionally stalked his Official Facebook Page, to find out more about the singer and share it to the Imagine community: ‘‘WHYBE is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Maastricht. About his compositions we note that they are ‘‘melodic‘‘ and lyrics ‘‘disturbing, shaped in wayward interpretations‘‘, and about his interpretation we state that it makes him a ‘‘unique, young musician‘‘.

It is still the Official Facebook Page the one that informs us that the unique WHYBE is composed of two artists, Wybe Zijlstra and Levi Bánki. The two combine voices with a classical guitar to get a melancholic tone and some unforgettable rhythms, which seem to run deep.

In 2018, WHYBE was among the eight young up-and-coming bands from around the world to entice the public with their composition. Then, as every year, the Imagine stage fluctuated from ‘‘the Latin-jazz of Brazil’s Arthur Endo to punk-rock of Croatia’s Home Conflict.‘‘

WHYBE’s past releases

Spotify seems to direct us to a WHYBE debut EP, called WHYBE, including melancholic tracks such as Black, Hungry, Good Morning, Are We Cool or Wasted. If you get to listen to all the tracks you will find a mixture of pop, contemporary with a tint of indie vibe to the band and will immediately fall in love with its unique sound. The internationally acclaimed music platform states that WHYBE’s songs are ‘‘characterized by a melancholic edge”, thing which you will get from attentively listening to his tone of voice and lyrics.

When it comes to influences, Spotify identifies two major directions – ‘‘his musical heroes from the sixties and (…) the music of nowadays.‘‘ The goal of his debut EP? ‘‘To make the listeners aware of the way they are living and to question their happiness. To discuss the evilness. To praise love. Enjoy.‘‘ Positioned at the intersection between good and evil from the very beginning, WHYBE’s music is more than just sound, it appears to become a statement in time, which makes the listener choose one of the two symbolic roads. The statement is, nonetheless, love: ‘‘Hungry for attention / Hungry for love‘‘. (Hungry).

The Moon is out now

The latest WHYBE video was released on July 9 and it already has almost 1000 views on YouTube. The Moon is firstly a dark and deep song, with lyrics to bear in your heart for ages and ages and secondly a video to impress your senses. It will surely send shivers down your spine.

The black and white video starts with the image of a full moon and is accompanied by the sound of nature – it starts mellow, with some crickets, but then we hear the sound of a howling wolf. Symbolically, the wolf is associated in literature with the werewolf, a demonic creature, meant to harm and destroy – so the dramatic effect of the song is obtained even before the beginning of the first verse.

Then, the song strikes us with the sound of a melancholic guitar tune and the high-pitched voice of Whybe, who seems to almost be crying out for help the entire chorus: ”The moon is breaking / The moon is shaking / Shining and taking / All my love‘‘. Bereaved of all the good feelings of love, Whybe appears. If on the one hand, the moon is the symbol of the cycles of the Universe, the upper goddess, the singer is half-naked – obviously upon her influence – and has the upper body painted like a tree. This might symbolize that he is the ultimate power, related with the symbolism of the tree of life, but he is now single, powerless and the only thing he can do is sing his pain to the world:  ‘‘I’m looking up / But I’m feeling down / My body is broken / When you are around.‘‘

The second part of the video is formed by WHYBE sitting in a lotus position and melancholically playing his guitar, while surrounded by the light of the candles. If traditionally, this would be a romantic scenario, being under the influence of the moon, WHYBE turns this cliché upside down and relates the candlelight to the artificial light, as opposed to the destroying natural light of the moon. The importance of the candles also lies in creating a more intimate and creepy atmosphere, amid the forest.

With The Moon, the artwork is twofold. To begin with, we have the melancholic sound – voice and classical guitar – and deep lyrics, all combined with a creepy video, meant to emphasize the desolation of the protagonist. This combination makes for an unforgettable video, which will get more and more views and gather WHYBE fans all around the world.

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