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The 2018 edition of the Imagine Zimbabwe competition was bigger than ever! A blend of sounds ranging from opera solos,...

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Diatryma is a blood-soaked death metal squad from the frozen hellscape of Uppsala, Sweden. Their sound is an unholy union...

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Arata is a rock band composed of two musicians: Nikolai Lysnes at the drums and Øyvind Lunde at the bass....

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SYNDROM is a Polish-Australian musical ensemble, which is made up of four musicians "attached to North", connected with the Suwałki...

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The term “Enthalpy” has its origin in the purpose of classical thermodynamics and defines a physical dimension of the heat:...

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Bordeaux is a young six member based music band from Zagreb influenced by new wave, funk and rock sounds. They...

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Fire Wheel

Fire Wheel Corporation is a melodic death metal band from Calais with a wide variety of influences, ranging from Lamb...

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An alternative indie-pop band from Amersfoort consists of five musicians with great admiration for artists such as Sticky Fingers, Turnover,...

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